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A bit about moi

Known for her friendly, conversational delivery, Andrea Collins is one of the the industry's leading female voiceover actors.


With over 15 years experience and clients such as Google, Microsoft, L’Oreal, Amazon, Pepsi and more, Andrea is one of the most booked artists on Voices and Voice123, as well as a prominent figure in the VO industry.

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My story

I got my start in radio. After my on air shifts, I would voice local commercials. As my radio career grew, so did my VO career. I eventually went on to host my own syndicated national radio show, which allows me to fly around to interview all the famous people. Exciting, right?!


Eventually though, my love and success with voiceover became my full focus. 

Now I record major campaigns and projects from my professional studio. (which used to be a storage closet - cozy!)

I have two little kiddos and a 14 year old retriever named Soph, who I would allow in the studio if she didn't make so many weird mouth noises.

I've voiced some pretty major stuff....

I've represented some of the biggest media companies and corporations in the world, with audiences of over 2 million people daily. My work can be heard through brands like Google, Zoom, Spotify, Squarespace, iHeartRadio, Dove, Adobe, HBO, Burt's Bees, and so many more. 

During my radio career, I was the host of iHeartRadio Nights and the Canadian Ambassador for iHeartRadio.

  • Voice of Google 2024 Sustainability Campaign

  • Voice of Opentext

  • Voice of Freddy's 

  • Voice of WestJet Vacations

  • Voice LL Bean

  • Voice Amazon

My voiceover style

My voiceover style is upbeat, down to earth and relatable. Your project is speaking to real people, afterall. That being said, I then adapt my VO style to what you are selling, explaining or trying to get across in a human and dynamic way. Whichever genre of VO you are looking for, whether it be commercial, narration, corporate, IVR, political or more, I can make it sound like so much more than words on a page. Let's bring your project to life, shall we?

Commercial Voiceover Demo
eLearning Voiceover Demo
Narration Voiceover Demo
Radio Imaging Voiceover Demo
Explainer Voiceover Demo
IVR Voiceover Demo
Corporate Voiceover Demo
Political Voiceover Demo
Introducing Buy with Prime app for Shopify_1080p - Copy
Just For You  Sherpa Fleece Jacket  LLBean_1080p
Every Climate Friendly Decision Counts  EcoCertified Hotels_1080p - Copy
Buy with Prime offers fast free delivery on more sites beyond Amazoncom_1080p - Copy
Style Your Christmas Table  Christmas  Hobby Lobby_1080p - Copy

Why work with me?

Andrea is fast, professional, and at the top of the voiceover game. 

She creates audio magic from her top of the line, professional studio

(there is even a candy machine and fancy water).

Andrea is constantly praised by clients for taking direction incredibly well and providing variety in reads for every project.

  • Top VO talent with over 15 years of industry experience so your project is done right.

  • Live sessions on any platform of your choice, including Source Connect.

  • Professional, top of the line studio.

  • Fantastic sound quality and speedy editing.

This is the third time we've used Andrea. She was great. Got everything perfect on the first take. Couldn't be happier. We'll definitely be asking her to work on future projects.Change the text and add your own."

Michael Evans, Strivacity

Let's bring your project to life

Voiceover can make or break a project. Let's get you exactly what you are looking for so your work is the next level, best of the best quality you were hoping for.

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