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IVR voiceovers

When customers call your support line first impressions are everything. A professional phone system recording can lead to happier customers and a more trustworthy brand identity.

Professional IVR and on hold recordings

Whether it's IVR prompts, or friendly on-hold messaging, Andrea can cover your phone system needs.

IVR Voiceover DemoAndrea Collins
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IVR voiceover for WestJet Vacations, Earthlink, Avocados from Mexico and so many more...

My voiceover style

My IVR voiceover style is designed to be friendly, approachable, and helpful. I strike an upbeat and conversational tone that puts the listener at ease, and guides them through your customer service journey. 

I'm adept at a variety of IVR VO styles, including: 

  • Conversational IVR voiceovers

  • Relatable, real-person IVR voiceovers

  • Professionals and courteous IVR voiceovers

  • Humorous and fun IVR voiceovers

  • And more

Once we've decided to make IVR voiceover magic together, and have ironed out timelines, budgets, and all that fun stuff, my process includes:

  • Understanding your IVR script and visions for the final recordings

  • Soaking in your creative, music, scratch track, and anything else you provide (don't worry if you don't have any of these elements!)

  • Recording either independently, or via a live directed session (either way, you get the absolute best sound out of your copy)

  • Providing revisions based on your feedback, or live direction to make sure we get the recording juuuuust right

  • Sending your the audio in the format of your choosing

My process

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What makes a good IVR voiceover?

A good IVR voiceover is friendly and helpful. Most importantly, it makes you not want to throw your phone out the window!

It's also a trusted voice which represents you brand and guides your callers through your system as smoothing and effectively as they deserve.

Andrea is always a pleasure to work with. Excellent quality and incredible speed!

Greg Johns, Opentext

Let's bring your project to life

Some of the biggest brands in the world trust me for their IVR voiceover projects. Let's work together on your next one!

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