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Political voiceovers

Planning for the next election cycle never really stops. Candidates and their teams always need to be thinking about what comes next. Political voiceovers are one piece of a larger messaging campaigns designed to motivate and mobilize voters. Andrea Collins eases the complexity by providing powerful and impactful political VOs every time.

My political voiceover demos

Here's a snapshot of some of my recent political voiceover projects.

Political Voiceover DemoAndrea Collins
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Political VOs that motivate your voters, and mobilize them to the voting booth

My voiceover style

My political voiceover style is authentic, relatable, and approachable. As a younger professional myself, it reflects the tone, style, and sentiment of the major Millenial and Gen Z voter bases. I adapt by style, tone, and emotion to match your message and target audience. 

  • Friendly and approachable political VOs​

  • Professional and assertive political VOs

  • Energetic and urgent political VOs

  • Empathetic and caring political VOs 

Once we've decided to make political voiceover magic together, and have ironed out timelines, budgets, and all that fun stuff, my process includes:

  • Understanding your political voiceover script and visions for the final recordings

  • Soaking in your creative, music, scratch track, and anything else you provide (don't worry if you don't have any of these elements!)

  • Recording either independently, or via a live directed session (either way, you get the absolute best sound out of your copy)

  • Providing revisions based on your feedback, or live direction to make sure we get the recording juuuuust right

  • Sending your the audio in the format of your choosing

My process

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What makes a good political voiceover?

A good political voiceover is the vehicle through which candidates deliver their message. It reflects the intent and emotion behind a political message, delivering it in a way that resonates with the target voter demographics. This means political VOs must be able to adapt to the script, the moment, and the message.

Thanks again, Andrea! Your fast turnaround, smooth vocals, and understanding of our needs are huge assets to our marketing team!

My friends at Point and Play

Let's bring your project to life

Get your message out there this election season with a relatable and professional political voiceover targeted to your voters.

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