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Commercial voiceovers

The biggest brands in the world work with Andrea Collins for commercial voiceovers, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Tiktok, Meta, and more. Her conversational style ranges from upbeat to laid back, young happy mom to friendly tech millennials, super chill to serious and corporate.

My commercial voiceover demos

Commercial VO that takes your campaign to the next level.

Commercial Voiceover DemoAndrea Collins
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Every Climate Friendly Decision Counts  EcoCertified Hotels_1080p - Copy
Frosts_15Sec 16x9
JalapenoPepperJack_15Sec 16x9

Conversational, approachable, and impactful commercial voice overs

My voiceover style

My commercial style is conversational, relatable, and upbeat. As a voiceover actor, I wear many hats and can deliver various styles, including: 

  • Conversational voiceovers

  • Relatable, real person voiceovers

  • Testimonial style voiceovers

  • Non-announcer voiceovers

  • Announcer voicers

  • No sell or hard sell voiceovers

Once we've decided to make commercial voiceover magic together, and have ironed out timelines, budgets, and all that fun stuff, my process includes:

  • Understanding your script and visions for the final recordings

  • Soaking in your creative, music, scratch track, and anything else you provide (don't worry if you don't have any of these elements!)

  • Recording either independently, or via a live directed session (either way, you get the absolute best sound out of your copy)

  • Providing revisions based on your feedback, or live direction to make sure we get the recording juuuuust right

  • Sending your the audio in the format of your choosing

My process

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What makes a good commercial voiceover?

Great commercial voiceover, is great acting. Depending on what your client is asking for, it may involve lots of inflection and emotion, or none of it. 

Happy, somber, curious, serious, skeptical, and more are all on the table. 

A great VO can stand on it's own.  One script can pertain so many moments for connection. Once the VO, SFX, and visuals are added into the mix, that's when the magic happens. 

Andrea is a rock star! Fast turnarounds with excellent quality - great for quick client approvals. Thanks Andrea! 

Scott, Amplify Digital Marketing Corp.

Let's bring your project to life

Interested in working together on your awesome commercial project? Great! Send a quick email and I will respond right away. 

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