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Voiceover services

From VOs for commercials, explainers, eLearning, and more, Andrea Collins offers a suite of voiceover services to bring your product and services to life.

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Here's a snapshot of some of the voiceovers I've done for the world's biggest brands.

Commercial Voiceover Demo
eLearning Voiceover Demo
Narration Voiceover Demo
Explainer Voiceover Demo
IVR Voiceover Demo
Political Voiceover Demo
Radio Imaging Voiceover Demo
Introducing Buy with Prime app for Shopify_1080p - Copy
Just For You  Sherpa Fleece Jacket  LLBean_1080p
Every Climate Friendly Decision Counts  EcoCertified Hotels_1080p - Copy
Buy with Prime offers fast free delivery on more sites beyond Amazoncom_1080p - Copy
Style Your Christmas Table  Christmas  Hobby Lobby_1080p - Copy

Commercial voiceovers

My commercial voiceover style is described as conversational, real, emotional, and approachable. That's why some of the world's biggest and best brands have hired me for commercial VO projects. Looking for help with your next commercial voiceover project? Hit the link below.


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Narration voiceovers

Your product, service, and company deserve to stand out in a saturated market. To do that, you need to sound unique and authentic. That's what I specialize in. When working with my clients, I strive to understand what's unique about them. Then, I tailor my narration voiceovers to help them stand out.


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eLearning voiceovers

eLearning voiceovers don't have to be boring. In fact, they can be so fun and engaging that your learners will want to come back for more (and more). Whether you need eLearning VOs for a corporate L&D program, children's learning material, DEI training, or more, I can offer a relatable, intelligent voice to help your audience deeply understand, and appreciate, your work.


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Explainer voiceovers

Your company, product, and services are awesome. You know that, and I know that. Your target market just needs a little bit of help to ensure they know it as well. That's what my explainer voiceovers are designed to do - tell your story, in your voice, so that your target audience can't resist.


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IVR voiceovers

How refreshing is it when you're stuck on hold, but the IVR voiceover is real, friendly, and actually helpful? I agree - very refreshing. That's the kind of IVR VO service that I provide. Let's make your customer service human, and delight your customers at each step of their journey.


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Promotional voiceovers

Dropping a new product? Have a new event or promo coming out? Launching a new store location or brand experience? If so, chances are you're going to need a promotional voice that gets your target audience amped up, pumped up, and ready to make a move. My promotional VOs can help.


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Political voiceovers

Election time means getting your voice and message across to your target voter demographic in an authentic, relatable, and approachable way. My voice reflects the major Millennial and Gen Z voter bases in a real and authentic way, helping your campaign attract and mobilize key voters. 


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Corporate voiceovers

Corporate voiceovers don't have to be serious, stuffy, and announcer-y. Imagine how much more impactful (and exciting) your corporate audience would be listening to your messaging through a genuine and energetic voice. That's the type of corporate VO that I like to provide.

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Radio imaging voiceover

Radio is saturated with stations, content, voices, and promos. Cut through the noise and keep your station and program top-of-mind. I've been working in radio and VO for more than 15 years, including long stints with iHeartRadio and Bell Media.


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Let's bring your project to life

The world's biggest brands hire me to deliver on their most important voiceover projects. Let's work together on yours!

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