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Promotional voiceovers

Get your target audience amped up, pumped up, and ready to take an action for your product, service, or new venture. Andrea Collins delivers high-quality and engaging promotional voiceovers that actually drive sales and engagement.

My promotional voiceover demos

Here's just a taste of some of my promotional voiceover projects.

UWaterloo - Chris Fletcher - Copy
UWaterloo - Mig Li - Copy
Style Your Christmas Table  Christmas  Hobby Lobby_1080p - Copy
UWaterloo - Euclid - Copy

Promotional voiceovers that engage and excite your target audience

My voiceover style

I like to describe my voiceover style as personable, conversational, and genuinely engaging. My goal is to create a promotional VO the perfect tone, pace, and emotion to match your campaign needs.


Whether you're launching a new product, hosting an event, or launching a new venture, I'll create a tailored promotional voiceover that drives engagement and action. 

  • Conversational promotional VOs

  • Energetic and engaging promotional VOs

  • Relatable, real-person VOs

  •  Larger-than-life promotional VOs

  • Non-announcer-y promotional VOs (unless that's what you want, of course)

  • No-sell or hard sell promotional VOs

Once we've decided to make promotional voiceover magic together, and have ironed out timelines, budgets, and all that fun stuff, my process includes:

  • Understanding your promotional voiceover script and vision for the final recordings

  • Soaking in your creative, music, scratch track, and anything else you provide (don't worry if you don't have any of these elements!)

  • Recording either independently, or via a live directed session (either way, you get the absolute best sound out of your copy)

  • Providing revisions based on your feedback, or live direction to make sure we get the recording juuuuust right

  • Sending your the audio in the format of your choosing

My process

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What makes a good promotional voiceover?

A good promotional voiceover brings a great script to life with the exact right emotion and tone. It delivers the key message points clearly, and creates excitement or intrigue in the listener. Promotional VOs are designed to drive action. They capture the listeners' attention, and point then in the direction you want them to go.

Andrea is a pro. We have worked with her on two occasions and will do so again. Easy to work with. Exceptionally talented. Great voice.

My friends at Microsoft

Let's bring your project to life

Some of the biggest brands in the world trust me for their promotional voiceover projects. Let's work together on your next one!

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